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by Hideo Fukumori

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Flanker Campaign Shell version 1.0 available now


Flanker Campaign Shell v1.0 Download

Online manual

From this version, the campaign shell works with two other flanker utilities (Flanker Realistic Payload Editor and Flanker Pilot Log Manager).

I made two types of packages available. Choose either of them which suits your needs:
This package is for those who does not own other Flanker Utilities.
Includes Campaign Shell v1.0.1, FRPE v1.5 and Pilot Log Manager v1.2.
Updated on Dec.10, 1997.
This package is for those who already own the latest version of Zip's Flanker Realistic Payload Editor and Michael Barnes' Pilot Log Manager.
Includes Campaign Shell v1.0.1 only.
Updated on Dec.10, 1997
Go to online manual page for installation details.

Campaigns Download

6 Campaign Package
Filename Size
6cpnpak.zip 1046857bytes
Download this package to get all the currently available 6 campaigns.
Brief guide (in html) is included.
Updated on Dec.6, 1997
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Individual Campaigns Download / Description

Top Gun Contest
Author Filename Size Level
Marc "Wipeout" Tremblay topgun.zip 5374bytes Novice
'The campaign is based partialy on the annual NATO's fighter pilot competition regrouping the best of the best. Your aim is to beat (in a set of "guns only" dogfights) all the best pilots of the world. Enjoy...'
Click to Download

Operation Evacuation
Author Filename Size Level
Marc "Wipeout" Tremblay evac.zip 14508bytes Novice-Intermediate
'Here is another one that is a bit more complex and provides a more broad set of missions. I partially based it on the initial situation given in the Flanker user's manual but tried to be a little creative.
You will find in the zip a readme file that gives some advice and comments on the campaign. The initial brief on the situation and operation objectives are in the init.mis file.'
Click to Download

Operation Stingray
Author Filename Size Level
Han "Solo" Chu stingray.zip 130749bytes Intermediate-Advanced
'Ukrainian forces have captured Simferopol International Airport in the capital city of Crimean and turned it into their Air Force Base. You are a naval aviator Lieutenant Vladimir Pugachev Sukoi, with 22nd Naval Fighter Regiment aboard Russian Aircraft Carrier "Kirov". Your squadron has been called upon to conduct an air campaign to assist Red Army units attempting to take over Simferopol Airbase.
Your squadron will be stationed at NAS Kirovskoye for the duration of this campaign,and maybe more as Northern Fleet Command will decide. If your squadron succeeds, you maybe stationed at Simferopol, now a forward air base in a striking distance of Ukrainian forces.
If your squadron fails, you will have to evacuate NAS Kirovskoye, as Ukrainian forces are just as eager to gain more real estate under its control.'
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BVR Training
Author Filename Size Level
Tsachi 'Flounder' Krendel and Ed Reddy bvr.zip 21948bytes Novice-Intermediate
'This campaign is a training yard for those who want to learn how to kill an ennemy plane staying Beyond Visual Range.'
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Crimea Invasion
Author Filename Size Level
Tsachi 'Flounder' Krendel and Goran Ivaz invasion.zip 41854bytes Intermediate-Advanced
'A decision has been made to invade the Crimea. Preparations are underway to mount one massive assault on the Ukrainian forces and push them out of the Peninsula.
The Russian ambasador in the United Nations has presented a document to the Security Council about human rights violations against the Crimean Russian population.
His report also mentioned at least two cases of ethnic cleansing in strategically important areas such as Sevastopol and Kerch.
The presentation of this document was a step in slowing down any potential condemnation of our actions in the Black Sea area.'
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Operation Hammerhead
Author Filename Size Level
Willem 'Palerider' hammerhead.zip 820946bytes Advanced
'After tension with Russia building up the last 6 months,12 Hours ago Russia decided to invade the Crimea.
Their operation was carefully planned, their combinedforces-exercise we monitored with distrust turned out to be a very powerfull invasion force. They crossed the Kerchstrait, using an enourmous amount of landingboats.
Due to the relative suprise and it's brute force, the invading Russian army overran our forces completely and managed to advance very far in just a few hours They've taken the eastern "leg" of the Crimea securing the airbases of KERCH and KIROVSKOYE.
Major installations like powerplants, fueldepots, trainstations and large cities like FEODOSIA and ALUSHTA are totally under their control. They've also secured all railroads, bridges and roadjunctions leading into the easterncrimnea...'
Updated on Dec.6, 1997
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Plase send your suggestions, comments, new MSCF files, and new campaigns to here (fukumori@muraoka.info.waseda.ac.jp).