Flanker Campaign Shell version 1.0

by Hideo Fukumori
Nov.28, 1997

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About this program

Flanker Campaign Shell is a GUI program for overall gameplay enhancement of Su27 Flanker from SSI/Mindscape. Its main features are:

Installation and setup

How to use

Starting the Campaign Shell

It is advisable that you put the Flanker CD-ROM in the drive before you start the shell. When title screen of the Flanker CD-ROM appears, click 'Exit' (don't click 'Play' button!).

Go to the folder where the shell is installed, and click on fshell.exe to start the program.

In the main menu, you will see the following 5 buttons; Campaign, Single Mission, Setup, Pilot, and Exit.


First of all, make sure you have downloaded campaigns from Flanker Campaign Shell homepage. You can do very little in campaign menu without them...

On clicking the 'Campaign' button in main menu, the list of currently available campaigns appears in a new window. You can add, select and restart campaigns from here.

To add a new campaign to the list, press 'Add Campaign'. From file open dialog box, go to the directory that you installed the campaign and look for .cpn files (ex. hammerhead.cpn, Stingray.cpn, etc.). Then you will be prompted to enter the name of the campaign. Although any title is possible, you may want to set proper name that describes the campaign best...

Click 'Start campaign'. In some campaigns, you'll see 'campaign briefing' text first. Once you are done with reading the briefing, click 'Proceed' button to move onto Campaign Menu.

If the Flanker Realistic Payload Editor is installed, 'Edit Loadout' button becomes available. From time to time, you may also find 'Commit' button is disabled in some missions. This means some restriction on the payload was imposed by the designer of the mission and you are required to edit loadout before flying.
Read the manual in Zip's FRPE directory for the details.

Press 'Commit' button to start the mission. The shell automatically takes you to the mission planning screen of Flanker.

After flying the mission, close Flanker (use Alt+x key or click 'x' button on the upper left corner of the mission planning window). The shell takes over the control again and shows the debriefing screen.

note: in v1.5 you don't have to select 'save' button in ending mission dialog.

The debriefing displays the kills/losses with icons, the final status of your aircraft, actual flight time, and success/failure of the mission. Click 'Next Mission...' to proceed. If the Pilot Log Manager is installed, your pilot log will be automatically updated.

Single Mission

In 'Single Mission' section, you'll get a list of available missions in the directory. Mission type filter is also available for selecting and playing certain type of missions.

Double clicking on the list or pressing 'Start Mission' open the selected mission. The rest is the same as the campaign menu.

Pilot Menu

This button launches the Pilot Log Manager by Michael Barnes. For details, see Readme.txt in the Pilot Log Manager directory.

Setup Menu

There are three sections in the setup menu: External Application Setup, Campaign Setup, and Misc. Setup.

External Application Setup

The path and filenames of the Flanker and utilities should be set in this section.

Campaign Setup

You can add, delete, and rename campaigns in this section.

Misc. Setup


Change history

From v0.1 to v1.0


My thanks goes to these great people. If you find some names missing, please send me a note.

List for future enhancements

Here's the list of enhancements planned for future versions, in order of priority. If you have other ideas, please send me a note.

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