Mission Success Condition Format Specification

1. Format Overview

MSCF(Mission Success Condition Format) should consist of the following two parts:

2. Condition Format Header Line

MSCF text should start with a line below:
--- Mission Success Condition ---
This line tells the program to start reading condition lines.

3. Condition Lines

A condition line should take one of the following forms:
[Target Name] [Target Type] X [Number] by [Responsible Unit]
Prevent Loss of [Target Name] [Target Type] X [Number]

[Target Name]:	Choose appropriate name from the Target Name list.
		See Objlist.html for the list of available names.

[Target Type]:	Choose '(Air)' for airborne target, and 
		'(Primary)' or '(Secondary)' for ground targets.

[Number]:	Write the number of targets to be destroyed.
[Responsible Unit]:	
		Tells who is responsible for the destruction of the 
		target. Choices are: 'Me', 'My Wing', and 'Friendly'.
		'My Wing' includes yourself, 'Friendly' includes
	 	yourself and aircrafts in your wing.
Note: All conditions are connected with 'and' operator. You have to achieve every condition to be successful.

Format Line Examples:

Su-24 (Air) X 4 by Me      (= Your Su-27 should destroy at least 4 Su-24s)
MiG-29 (Air) X 3 by My Wing (= Your wing should destroy at least 3 MiG-29s)
MiG-23 (Air) X 2 by Friendly (= All friendly unit should destroy at least
				2 MiG-23s) 
Any Target (Air) X 8 by Friendly (= 8 airborne targets should be destroyed,
				target name does not matter.)

Bridge (Primary) X 1 by Me (= Your Su-27 should destroy a bridge, marked as 
				a primary target)
IL-76 (Secondary) X 2 by My Wing (= Your wing should destroy two IL-76s on the
				ground, designated as secondary targets)

Prevent Loss of MiG-27 (Air) X 3 (= You should prevent losing more than three 
Prevent Loss of runway (Primary) X 1 (= You should protect a runway)

4. Format Text Examples

(Escort mission, in which you should protect MiG-27s, and achieve certain air victories)
--- Mission Success Condition ---
Any Target (Air) X 4 by My Wing
Prevent Loss of MiG-27 (Air) X 3
(Intercept bomber mission, in which you should protect two primaries and destroy all bombers.)
--- Mission Success Condition ---
Tu-142 (Air) X 3 by Friendly
Prevent Loss of Any Target (Primary) X 2